Why is the Mona Lisa Painting so Famous?

By on September 15, 2013
Why is the mona lisa painting so famous

Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci’s painting La gioconda, commonly known as the Mona Lisa, is the most famous piece of art in the history of the world and is said to provoke instant recognition almost instantly. But why is the Mona Lisa painting so famous?

Many songs have been written about the painting, and it is famous throughout the world Begun in 1504 and finished in 1515, it is believed to be flawless in its detail and virtually perfect. Even while still in da Vinci’s studio in Florence, it was inspiring imitations.

The Mona Lisa revolutionized painting. For a start, it was the first portrait that depicted its subject from only the waist up; previous portraits were always full length. Also, the background in the painting is imaginary, describing a line of distant hills, which again was different from previous works in the medium. The depiction of the female subject is extraordinarily vivid and, on seeing it, many comment that they experienced the sense that they were looking at a living person. The smile on the woman is often discussed, with many people seeing it in different ways.

The identity of the painting’s female subject is also a matter of debate, some believing her to be the wife of Francesco del Giocondo (hence the painting’s Italian name), a rich Florentine silk merchant, while others believe her to be a self-portrait of Leonardo or a construct of his imagination.

In the 1530s, the painting was acquired by the king of France, whereupon it was moved in the 1650s to the Louvre Museum in Paris. Then, from 1800, it hung in Napoleon Bonaparte’s bedroom for four years before eventually returning to the museum In 1911, it was stolen from the Louvre by an employee, who was caught trying to sell it to an art dealer in Florence in 1913, and then in 1956 it was damaged in an acid attack. In 1963, it toured the US , where it was viewed by over a million people, a figure that doubled on its 1974 tour of Tokyo and Moscow.

The momentum of fame, coupled with the painting’s colorful history, has made the Mona Lisa increasingly famous Its current value is estimated as being somewhere in the vicinity of $770 million. The painting now hangs behind glass in the Louvre, where it is viewed by thousands of people every year.

Image Source: wikimedia.org

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